Package Freezer

This freezer differs from "on-site" systems due to the short installation time on-site. The system consists of a completely welded housing, which is installed in a few days. Characteristic for this system: Hygienic design, seamlessly welded housing; Finished, tested modules; Tape widths of 460 mm to 1,200 mm; Short assembly time on-site; Automatic cleaning system (C.I.P.), frost exhaust systems and much more. These freezers are completely assembled in the factory and delivered either in 2 or 3 modules for transport or delivered in one piece.

Individual spiral freezer

These are built completely on site and used for a variety of products, from the fish stick to the ice cream box. Characteristic for this system: Tape widths of 600 to 1,200 mm; Individual interpretation; Single-tower or double-turner; Different layouts; All common refrigerants; Complete assembly by own employees

IQF tunnel freezer

The IQF tunneling gun is suitable for loose rolling products, e.g. Vegetables, berries or fries. Performance up to 12 tons / hour is possible. The tunnel frogs can be used to cool or froze a variety of pourable products. Each plant is individually designed and built according to customer requirements. This ensures optimal adaptation to the production engineering and building conditions. In the tunnel frother, the product is e.g. By a vibrator on the freezer belt. Then the cold air flows from below through the belt and the product. Depending on the product, the air volume flow is individually adjusted via frequency-controlled fans.

Steam cooker / pasteurizer

The spiral cooker / pasteurizer is the perfect solution for the heat treatment of raw meat, fish or poultry. Cooking various prepared dishes; Pasteurized packaged meat products for longer shelf life; Pre-fry before frying; Finished products after frying. Directly expanding steam and fans with effective air flow ensure a short process time with even temperature distribution over the entire range and a uniformly cooked product.

Spiral proofing systems

The spiral proofing systems combine compact technology with a highly efficient transport and heat exchanger system, ideal for processing a wide range of dough pieces. Depending on the requirements, the chambers can be operated with or without a stiffening zone.







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